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By Courtney Campbell

The dual credit system for Valley has been around for many years with local high schools. From Santa Fe High school, about 30 miles away to Marshall high school, the dual credit program is helping many high school students get a jump on a college career.

Marshall High School student Aliah Clair is a dual credit student, who now in her senior year has enough credits to properly place her as nearly a junior in college.

“I wanted to take the dual credits from high school so I can attend medical school faster” said Clair.

Missouri Valley College is a fully accredited college so all or most credits coming from MoVal should transfer.

“My mother influenced my attending of the dual credit class as well as my own self motivation,” said Clair.

The dual credit program is set at a cheaper rate for the students enrolled with the program at 80 dollars per credit hour. Junior Sarah Breshears also took dual credit classes when she was in high school.

“It was a great experience because I ended up graduating with more credit than I needed and it let me explore other options than just the regular classes offered,” said Breshears.

Many students can start taking dual credit classes as soon as they are offered at their schools.

“I started my dual credit my spring semester of my sophomore year,” said Clair.

According to the Missouri Valley College website the dual credit classes are offered four different ways. In the high school classroom taught by approved teachers, on Missouri Valley College campus and also through I-TV (interactive television). Also there is a new online course that is now being offered.

For more information about dual credit classes you can contact Kevin Gasser, the dual credit coordinator.

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