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By Chris Wallace

There are many teams here at Missouri Valley College and just about every team here is capable of performing and show-casing their skills in front of the student body, the football team, soccer team, basketball team, wrestling team even a second year program in the lacrosse team are able to perform on campus. These are the major sports here round campus, but there is one team that has been here for years and does not have that luxury and that is the track team.

Track and Field athletes feel they should have an indoor track and or outdoor track, because performing in front of friends and family and showing the school that all the yelling of get off the track over and over while we train and all the hard work put in over the weeks isn’t just for nothing. I feel having a track of any kind indoor or outdoor could not only show case the speed and skills of the track team but it would also bring in revenue towards the school. We can do this by hosting meets here at Missouri Valley College even one of our own called Viking Relays. Just having track meets here could help the school and the team.

Valley has an indoor track, located in the Burns gym which is supposed to be at least 200 meters around but instead we have a track that is about 160 meters, which is not enough to be able to have competitions. The track its self has been refurbished, it has a nice give to it not being so hard but that it all, it was once an orange track and now it’s a purple track this was done over the summer of 2015, even though there has been a slight change with the track it’s still not competition ready it’s also hard to even practice on a track that is so small. These complications show with the athletes, most of them get really bad shin-splits while running on the track and others have very bad hamstring problems due to the turns that are made on the track, some even get turf-toe which are all very bad injuries for athletes who run for a living, all and all it prevents the athletes from perform at their best.

There are other places the team goes for practice that can’t help MVC, facilities that we use that don’t involve our school. Going to Marshall high school to run on their outdoor track, their track is nice but the team can’t perform there. This is in need of change. The team has to travel every day during outdoor season for practice, which is really bothersome because there is a lot of time that is wasted in the travel no matter how far, there aren’t any trainers around if injuries happen to take care of our athletes. The team also has to lift weights every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 p.m. meaning that they have to come all the way back to campus just to finish workouts,  then there could possibly be a basketball game, volleyball game or even a wrestling tournament that prevents them from lifting then they having to leave and have to come back later. That’s all just a waste of time, when a track can be built right here in our own yard.

There is a big field behind the Burns gym where there has been a new throwers cage for the throwers on the team, that is great our boys and girls can definitely use that’s great. Now we all know that it will cost a lot of money to level the ground back there, which is understood to a point but there are other places a track can be put here on this campus, like say the football field there is already 400 meters around that track. The stance can hold a lot of other teams which is a perfect place for an outdoor track and field meet to be held.

With an in-door track or out-door track I feel that not only the team will benefit from it but the school will too, helping to bring in more revenue for the school by hosting track meets here and getting people to come out watch Valleys track team.


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