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By Rocco Scarcello

Valley Village, Missouri Valley College’s newest housing option, is expected to be ready to open it’s doors for the Fall 2016 semester. Exterior work on the structure has been completed, leaving only interior work standing in the way of its completion.

“(Valley Village) is right on schedule or maybe a little ahead of schedule,” Dr. Bonnie Humphrey, president of MVC, said. “They’re gorgeous and I’m very proud of them.”

The Morrow houses, which had served as on-campus housing and housed between 33 and 39 students, were demolished to make additional room for Valley Village, which will house 80 students. Humphrey noted that they wanted the houses torn down before graduation.

Valley Village will be used as a means to keep the other on-campus living options from overcrowding while still allowing for some growth.

To fully grasp the excitement MVC students have towards Valley Village, consider that the two Villages are filling as fast or faster than other less-expensive options.

As of April 26, only 13 of the original 80 beds are still available for the Fall 2016 semester. This shouldn’t be unexpected by any means, as Viking Village only has one bed still available out of the 64 possible.

Although MVC works hard to renovate and improve already-existing housing units, as MVC president Dr. Bonnie Humphrey points out, the two new dorms seem to offer the most appeal. Compare the two Villages with Tier 1 options such as Moreland Hall and Blackburn Hall and one will notice many more vacancies in the cheaper halls than the more expensive apartments.

The project had a $2.1 million dollar budget, according to. The money was easy to come up with because of how MVC refinanced their 2007 bonds last summer, according to Tom Fifer, vice president of enrollment management and operations, and chief financial officer Greg Silvey. The budget includes everything from tearing down the Morrow houses to laying concrete for the Village’s parking lot to supplying the rooms with all of the appropriate furnishings.

Residence Halls continue to be a concern for us so we had this one at the top of the list,” Silvey said.

Humphrey also noted that construction of a third Village in the plans, although no timeline or location for its construction is planned as of yet.


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