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By Beatriz Sales

Students were called to interpret any scene they wanted during theater auditions for “On the Verge” at the Eckilson-Mabee Theater.

Harold Hynick, Associate Professor of Theater and responsible for those Missouri Valley productions said “students increase empathy, develop ability to collaborate, poise and confidence through acting.”

Hynick said students can learn to interpret daily situations, develop understanding of character and engages in a wide variety of skills related to human communication. Students who participated in theater auditions were taught about the idea of accepting what you are given and building on it in an attempt to build something meaningful.

All students who presented auditions were theater or dance major. Erika Edith Moreno, is a freshman, developed a theater2monologue in these auditions, and she personally recommend students to get involved in these theater productions because she believes it will help them get rid of their shyness and also help them grow as a person.

Makayla Rodgers is also a freshman who participated in the auditions. Makayla said she still feels nervous while interpreting. However, she said that she expanded on all sorts of skills with these theater productions, and she feels more self-confident now.

Hynick used a dynamic way of presentation through those auditions in this event. Most students started with a monologue that they chose, after that they were instructed by Hynick to interpret many different characters, in different scenes.

The audition pieces that were preformed first by all that participated will not be in the upcoming production of “On the Verge” but all other scenes rehearsed are directly from the play which probably will be presented in October.






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