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Laura Bustos Martinez

Trump, the reality-show star that dominates television perfectly, and Clinton, the first woman that can be the President of the U.S., faced their first debate.

In the last month, Clinton has seen how Trump ascended in the polls and shortened to almost disappear the comfortable advantage Clinton enjoyed in August. She had to interrupt the campaign because of pneumonia and the Republican, thanks to a professional campaign team with which started the race, disciplined and reduced the frequency of Trump’s outbursts.

Clinton needed an injection of confidence after weeks of doubts. She appeared as a politician with experience in face to face discussions with detailed knowledge of the issues. Trump, as a candidate who improvised and interrupted his rival, with not very detail proposals and a tension that contrasted with the joviality of Clinton.

Clinton managed to make Trump get defensive, a candidate that feels more comfortable attacking that being attacked. The image that Democrats wanted to show to people, is a Trump which hides the numbers on his fortune, which persists in his misogynistic comments and explain some of his more painful lies with new lies. Also, Clinton wanted to gain female and Latino voters, as she criticized Trump, making reference to the former Venezuelan Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Despite the obstacles, it wasn’t a debacle for Trump. He struggled to contain himself, staying within the script and demonstrating that he can be President. Regardless of his nerves, he didn’t lose roles. Spectators could see a light and measured version of Trump. He didn’t even mention the so-called wall that would require Mexico funding to prevent their “criminals” to cross the border to infest the U.S. His best moments were when he portrayed Clinton as a representative of the establishment that has been 30 years in politics. Also, Trump made a good counterattack when he was asked by Lester Holt, the NBC network moderator, about the reasons why he has not reported his tax returns, Trump took the opportunity to attack Clinton for her use of a private mail server. He said that she will release his tax return “when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted”.

In the next few weeks, the campaign will be a struggle between the Democrats, who will try to remind voters that Trump is an extremist who would put at risk U.S. and the world, and the Republicans, who will continue to try to normalize Trump and present him as a candidate of change to the status quo that Clinton embodies.


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