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By Laura Bustos Martinez

Who would you hire for President?

We are in the election period, with two final candidates: Trump and Clinton. Your last employee is leaving a huge and important chair. Every citizen has now in their hands the right to vote, the right to hire a new president for this big company called United States of America. You only can have one, one of the two candidates that are left. It is your responsibility to give a precious job to one of the candidates. Who would you hire for your company?

When my two potential candidates for the job are two people who have tremendously demonstrated themselves to be incompetent, dishonest and unprofessional, and to embrace a lot of understandings conflicting to my corporation’s famous beliefs and values… I would either hire the least worst applicants (which is extremely difficult to decide at the moment) and hope to have the best possible result (although you presume that both applicants are a catastrophe for my firm) or put all my energy, determination, prayers, hopes… into expanding the pool of runners, to see if someone better would like to join my firm. None of them fit for my company.

There would be some potential negative effects of hiring underperforming employees. It will demoralize the other workers in my company. If I hire Clinton or Trump, then, I might be in danger that the rest of the employees will not only doubt about the new fellow worker, but myself.

Employees will think that it is fine to be dishonest and they might conclude that it’s not worth do their work in the right way. That everybody can lead the company. The E-mail scandal illustrates how little Hillary respects the rule of law and thinks she is above it. In childhood we have learned that lying will only make things worse. There would be a point in which none of my workers would follow the company’s rules and procedures. My firm will lose efficiency and credibility. And, have you heard what Trump says? Racism, sexism, violence. That curriculum makes my hair stand on end. He exudes anger and racial hatred. Trump campaign has held in prejudice and lack of respect.

Also, how are the other companies would see my company? If I have two candidates like Clinton and Trump, it would make me worry about how is my company seen from the exterior. How am I going to make agreements with other countries? My company has to maintain the reputation.

Praise exchanged between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin undoubtedly are more than sweet words. On the other hand, Trump attacks the leaders of some of the allies of my company, such as Germany and Japan. He is also determined to end with ISIS. Trump proposed a radical solution: “quickly cut the head off ISIS and take their oil”.

In less than two months, a candidate is going to be elected for the forty-fifth President of the United States. Every day appear in their curriculums, new surprises. The leading White House candidates continue their show on the way to November 8. On the one hand, the candidate of the establishment, Clinton, aims to give continuity to the Obama program, as well as some “own initiatives”, while the irascible Trump, prolongs his circus between changes and declarations.


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  1. Remember that good journalism relies on facts, not personal opinions, heresay, or mindless rhetoric. Your article is good until the last few sentences where you bash Trump. Let your readers decide for themselves!

      • byKelley McKay Fuemmeler
      • onSep 20, 2016

      In most cases I agree absolutely that journalism should be unbiased. With this being an opinion piece, though, it seems acceptable. :)

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