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By Matheus Marinho

julianaMissouri Valley College is a home for so many different students, from many different countries. As one of the international students who had the experience to get a degree here, Juliana Doyle is a Valley Alumni, who now is back to Marshall to finish her master’s degree.

Everything started when Doyle was studying International Relations back in Brazil, and a friend of hers decided to move to the United States to pursue his education, but not forgetting about tennis, the sport he used to play, because in Brazil is really hard to manage school and playing a sport, specially because the athletics in the universities are mainly for recreation purposes. Doyle then decided to try, and she got it. After getting several scholarships opportunities, she finally chose Missouri Valley due to the way she was approached by the coaching staff, which really pleased her.

Doyle got here in the spring semester, and being around the huge amount of snow she faced, was the biggest difference she had go through after moving from a tropical country.

“Everything was white, everything was cold”, she said. “It was the biggest shock for me.”

As an student athlete, Doyle came to Missouri Valley with a soccer scholarship, but that did not last very long. As one of the few internationals in the team, she felt a little bit left aside, and she was not happy with the situation she was going through with her team. It was then that she met the tennis coach, after realizing that the tennis team was mainly consisted by international students. She was invited to go practice with the team and see if she would fit in, and she did.

Now, as a part of the tennis team, Doyle saw another big opportunity knocking on her door. After practicing and dedicating her time and effort for the new sport, she conquered something she, and the team, deserved: a conference championship.

Doyle would graduate in the end of December of 2011, but since she still had another year of eligibility to play, her coach found a way to make sure she would still stick around and help the Vikings; he found an internship for her on campus, where she would use all her Mass Communications skills acquired with her degree, making videos of several sports. In that year, the tennis team was once again winner of the Heart of America Athletic Conference.

After graduating, Doyle went back home, but right at the beginning, she already missed her life in America.

“I work in a tourism company, for a month, and I hated it,” she said. “I wanted to come back so bad, but I was strong, and stayed there.”

After a while, Doyle got the “dream job”, at least most people would think. She got hired to work in the biggest journalism news channel in Brazil, Globo TV. She was there for three years, but she was still feeling incomplete. Then, after a call from one of her favorite professors from Moval, Doyle’s life would dramatically turn around. Without thinking twice, she finally decided to take the opportunity to come back to Marshall and start her master’s degree, being a Graduate Assistant at the school.

“It is always a new beginning, everything is different. I was starting to settle down back home, but I, honestly, I am not too good with all this settling down thing.”

Now, Doyle is back on campus, and she helps the Mass Communications program, with television classes, and also with the broadcasting of the games. She is enjoying this moment,  but she is not settling down; Doyle’s mains goals are to either become a professor at a University, or still work in the television field, at a school or even at a news channel.



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