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By Georgina Padilla

Spirit day was celebrated October 20th at Missouri Valley College, the college asks their students to wear purple to show their support to the LGBTQ community. Spirit day is an annual LGBTQ awareness day started at 2010 by Canadian teenager, Brittany McMillan; observers wear the color purple as support for LGBTQ youth and against bullying. Missouri Valley College is one of the few colleges to show support to the LGBTQ community and for that many of their students are really proud to be part of this college.

Brenda Broadwater, a senior at Missouri Valley College and member of the LGBTQ community, is really proud that the college is supporting this day.

“It makes people feel like they are comfortable and that they can show their own colors,” she said. “I feel safe being at this college, I feel like I don’t have to hide myself and people don’t judge me or make side comments or anything like that when me and my girlfriend are walking down the street.” 

The name “Spirit Day” comes from the purple stripe of the Rainbow flag, whose creator Gilbert Baker defined it as “representing ‘spirit'”.

Dr. Tamara King, member of the Diversity Network at MVC was one of the organizers of spirit day awareness day at Missouri Valley College.

“Spirit Day is a nation-wide demonstration by people wearing purple of awareness, acceptance, and support for LGBTQ youth and against bullying, verbal, physical, etc. The Diversity Network brings this to campus to show support for our students, faculty, staff, administration, and community; we want MVC to be an enlightened, inclusive, and supportive place for LGBTQ people,” she said.

Missouri Valley College is trying to make Spirit Day every year with the purpose of getting more students involved each year and to make the college a safe community to the LGBTQ community.


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