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By Georgina Padilla

Getting educated about HIV/STD’s is a really important thing to do among college students. The majority of college students are sexually active, so getting informed about the different STD’s can help them to take the need it precautions. Tuesday October 27th, Missouri Valley College held a HIV/STD education speech presented by HIV health educator, Erika Hillary. The speech was held at the Malcolm Center and many students where present to take advantage of this health educational opportunity.

HIV Health educator, Erika Holliday was the one in charge of informing MVC students about the different STD’s and how to be protected. “I think college students are people who are the next to be educators, role models for the next generation with a topic that isn’t discuss very much isn’t wildly talk about, for me this group was a great one to get the conversation going and mostly because college students are people that are most likely to be affected by STI’s so it’s good to have this information because some of the time they didn’t get it from parents or health classes or anybody, so maybe is there first time hearing it and since is there first time hearing it it’s good to know on what precautions they can take” she said.

For an MVC student this was a great opportunity to get some information she didn’t new about and hopes that the college will do more stuff like this to get students inform “I think is good for Missouri Valley that we have the opportunity to find out about things like this because there are a lot of people out there who are sexually active…and for us to know the things that can happen in bad ways is good so we can all be protected.”

Missouri Valley College will host a free HIV/STD test for their students November 4th, it will be anonymous and a great opportunity for people that want to get test it and haven’t had the possibility to it.


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