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By Danielle Linton

The Division of Fine Arts had its first Student Studio Recital in Morrison Hall last week, allowing faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to see nine talented students who each performed one or two songs.

Starting off as the first act, Aaron Kerksiek sang Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair by John Jacob Niles. The song that Kerksiek sang was not only of the Scottish origin, but it was also a traditional Appalachian folk song, as well. Furthermore, Kerksiek certainly relished the song as he sang the lyrics in perfect harmony.

Shortly after Kerksiek had finished, Johannah Thomas came out and stood before the audience. For her first song, Thomas sang Shenandoah an American Folk Song. It was truly a magnificent song which Thomas had performed exceedingly well from the beginning all the way to the ending! Then, for her second song, Thomas chose “Goodnight, My Someone” from the classic 1962 film Music Man by Meredith Wilson. Once Thomas had finished both of her songs, she went to take her seat after the audience had finished their applause.

It was now Rosemarie Bennett’s turn to sing “Fine, Fine Line” from Avenue Q by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx. The passion in her voice caused the song to have a really powerful movement, especially over the crowd as they watched Bennett with intense eyes.

For the fourth act of the evening, Terrence Mickens sang “Pretty Women” from Sweeney Todd followed by “Happy/Sad” from The Addams Family. Then there were five more students that performed after Mickens had finished both of his songs.

Kayla Williams sang His Eye is on the Sparrow by Charles H. Gabriel and Civilla D. Martin followed by “Home” from Therecital Wiz by Charlie Smalls.  Christopher Contreras sang Wayfaring Stranger by John Jacob Niles, Markeith Robinson sang Lord, I Want to be a Christian by John Payne, and Alicia Hicks sang Cabin by Paul Bowles.

For one of the final acts, Mallory Pearson performed two drum solos. Both songs were from Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony J. Cirone. Her chosen songs were Rhythm #4 and Rhythm #17.  The audience marvelled at Pearson’s intense concentration making them become amazed at her determination.

For the grand finale, Contreras took Pearson’s place in front of the audience. Instead of singing another song, Contreras played the classic piano song Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven.

After Moonlight Sonata had ended, the audience applauded once more. The recital was extraordinary and everyone should go to the next upcoming recital which will be on Thursday, Nov. 17,  at 4:00 p.m. in Morrison Hall.


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