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By Danielle Linton

Murrell Library recently hosted  young adult author Derryan Derrough, a former wrestler and a student from MoVal.

Derrough is now married, has one son and is from the city Fenton in St. Louis, Missouri. So far, he has written two books, Incomparable: The Legend of Angel Morland and The Sound You Made. However, for a long time Derrough strayed away from his incredible writing abilities.

“After I wrote, whenever I was little, I kind of stopped writing because the Nintendo came out,” said Derrough. “I kind of put the pen and the paper down and started doing other things that really didn’t matter.”

Derrough had become enveloped in a whole other world outside of writing. He started getting on the message boards that involved him participating in role-playing with other people from different parts of the globe. Derrough befriended many people and talked with them through Skype, sometimes about his personal life. They had not only become his friends, but important people in his life. Later on, one of those friends got Derrough interested in writing again.

“After that, I kept working at it and working at it and working at it until I was basically outpacing everybody,” Derrough said. “Then it took over my life. Just writing, writing, writing, that’s all I did.”

Derrough enjoys writing. For him, writing ignites a burning passion inside him, enabling him to  find the words to write on a blank piece of paper and create the story.

“Whenever somebody gives you a chance, or somebody believes in you, those are the people that I feel that you shouldn’t forget,” Derrough said. “Those are the people I have not forgotten.”

Derrough has had more inspiration in his life that has helped him embrace his inner self. Lee Child is one of his favorite authors. Child is known for the Jack Reacher novel series and Derrough has always admired Child’s technique with storytelling.

Another big inspiration for Derrough was his old wrestling coach, Mike Maccholz. Derrough called Machholz to come up because Derrough wanted to show Machholz how much he admired him by presenting Machholz with the first, created copy of the book The Sound You Made.

“Whenever I brought him up here and talked about him for a little bit, like I do thank him for giving me that chance,” Derrough said. “I felt like that was a little bit of a springboard to some of the things I’ve been doing writing wise. I think that, to me personally, he’s a great inspiration. Even though I ended up transferring, I never forgot about this place, I never forgot about him being my coach, he’s always been my coach, and he’ll always be my coach.”

“You’re going to need a strong circle,” Derrough said. “A very strong circle to pick you up whenever you are down, to encourage you, to believe in you, I mean fill in the blank. You’re going to need a strong circle, whether it’s family members, friends, girlfriends, wife, it doesn’t matter. But you need people, you need a small circle that you can trust.”   

Everyone in the audience loved Derrough’s  speech and the way he expressed his emotions with them. Many of the students thought that Derrough sounded really inspirational. 


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