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gossip-girlBy Dakota Cantwell

Finals have arrived and shortly after will come the long awaited Christmas break, which means great times for many of the students who get to travel or return home to their families.  For some, however, the break means long hours of nothing to do inside because it’s cold outside and they’re stuck in a small town.  Technically you could prepare for the upcoming semester, but why do that when Netflix gives you access to tons of television shows for your binging delight.  If you’re unsure where to start, why not give these shows a try?

“Friends” – If sitcoms are your usual motif then there’s a good chance you’ve already watched “Friends” all of the way through multiple times.  If you’re not a big sitcom fan or just have never gotten around to watching it, then now’s your chance.  It’s the story of six friends who only survive their eventful lives by always being there for each other.  “Friends” will teach you more about American culture than you probably wanted to know, but you’ll be entertained the whole time.

“Gossip Girl” – If comedy is not your thing, you’re probably a little dead inside.  That’s ok though, there’s still plenty out there to find.  If you prefer the dead-pan of drama to laughter than “Gossip Girl” is for you.  It follows high-schoolers, who are sort of friends with each other, as they attempt to survive life in private school and the Upper East Side.  Sexy, emotional and scandalous are often used to describe the story of this show.  If any of those words intrigue you check out the six seasons on Netflix now.

“Supernatural” – Do sexy and emotional stories intrigue you, but you can’t really identify with the Upper East Side?  Not to worry, “Supernatural” offers just as intriguing of a story minus the socialite standing.  Follow the Winchesters brothers as they travel across the country killing monsters, demons and even angels.  You know, the family business.  Watch as they teach you family values and then act against those same values.  With 11 seasons, the Winchesters will keep you reach for the salt all break long.

“Charmed” – Are modern values in television devoid of the family morals you grew up with?  Maybe “Charmed” can help change your mind.  Follow the Halliwell sisters as they learn to use their new witchy powers against warlocks and monsters alike.  The life of witches is always changing as new threats arise, but the sisters learn how important family is with every episode.  So take a trip back to when music opened every episode and monsters lurked behind every door.  

“Revolution” – Maybe you’re not interested in any time you’ve seen.  Perhaps you are more interested in things yet to come.  Why not give “Revolution” a try?  There’s a good chance you missed it when it first aired on television because it was short lived.  Welcome to America after the power went out.  Drawing on the same apocalypse from “Dark Angel” years before, “Revolution” brings the stronghold of America to its knees and watches as it tears itself apart.  Watch as a young girl tries to rescue her brother and discover the secret of the blackout.


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