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By Ricardo Padilla

Missouri Valley College had an informal dance presentation at the Eckilson-Mabee theater on Nov. 17.

Students took the opportunity to show the audience what they have been working on this semester. Emily Conner was one of the students that was part of this event.

“We practiced in class for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and then we came to set up the lights that took about an hour and a half,” she said.

The hardest part for Conner was to make the choreography for her solo. It was the first time she has done something like that. It was a big challenge, but Conner said that she is happy that she did it. Also this was not the only challenge she faced in this event. She had to face a challenge that every person has to deal at the moment they step on to the stage.

“I was very nervous, I never dance in front of people that I am friends with, just with people that I don’t know. So it is definitely something different,” Conner said. “It was different because I can see their faces. Normally at competition it is just black and you can’t see anything. So it was definitely kind of different to be able to see faces that I knew in the audience.”

She also said that dance helps her sometimes with her anxiety and when she is having a bad day. Also she said that dancing for her is a good way to forget everything that is going on around the world right now and just take a breath and relax for just a moment.


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