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Social media has truly taken over the world. It is the way to get your name out there and let people know about your life. Missouri Valley College has also used it to get their name out there around the world, and how they’ve decided to use Snapchat is different than how most do. Mo-Val has decided to let the students take control. Everyday you can see a new person taking over their story, giving their perspective of campus life.

“We wanted people to see Missouri Valley College from the eyes of a student” says Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, HelenAnn Brown. “When choosing a college we often listen to peers before anyone else so viewing the students experience is a great marketing tool for the college.”

The students that take over Snapchat show their everyday life on campus through classes, extracurricular activities, and their hangout spots around campus. With the variety of students, Missouri Valley’s snapchat shows many different experiences. Letting different students takeover also leads to more of a variety of followers.

“Many students are adding us on Snapchat to see their friend or roommates student takeover” says Brown. “Students are engaged and they feel like they are playing a key role in marketing and recruiting, which they are. So it has had an overall positive impact on viewership.”  

There are restrictions for the students of course, such as no cussing, do not bad mouth the school, and try not to flood people’s timelines. The username for their Snapchat is MissouriValley. Who will take over next?


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