Professor serves both MVC and the USANews


By Ricardo Padilla

Professor Larry Godsey teaches at Missouri Valley College, but he’s also an american hero.

“I joined the Army National Guard in 1988. At the time they have a program where they pay back students loans. I was ingodsey college and I thought it was a good program.” Godsey said. “I was always interested in the military, so I thought joining the National Guard it would be a pretty safe bet that I wouldn’t go fight anywhere, even though I was trained to.”

Later on Godsey was deployed, however. He said that he has been deployed twice and he is still active with the army. Godsey is the command sergeant major for the infantry battalion in the state of Missouri. His position makes him the senior enlisted adviser to the battalion commander. Godsey also went to a basic training at Fort Sill Oklahoma for field artillery and he did that for 17 years. He also was a cannon crew member, has a military police background, and also has an infantry unit background.

“Early on in my military career I went to a school, a leadership development course. I joined the course and the course instructor asked me if I was interested in coming back as an instructor for that course,” said Godsey. “I never taught before, didn’t like public speaking, but I really enjoyed the course. So I went back a year later as an instructor for that course and realized I enjoy teaching.”

Godsey ended up teaching the course for three years including a couple of times at Fort Sill Oklahoma. This help him realize that he want to teach other full time. Also that say that his military background influence his teaching.

Professor Godsey will be deployed again after the end of this fall semester. He said that the class that he teach will stay the same but will be given by another professor. So students don’t have to worry the classes that Professor Godsey gives been canceled.


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