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By Margot Allemand

The education division hosted their annual S-MSTA book fair from the 15th of November through the 17th. The formal lounge turned into a giant book store, which brought staff, curious students and also members of the Marshall community to the Ferguson Center.

Linda Gordon, who is an associate professor of Education at Missouri Valley, has been helping the book fair for 12 years now.

The campus has been hosting this book fair for about 15 years , which couldn’t be possible without the precious help of scholastic books, Inc. that provide all the books, posters,  toys and activity kits.

“Students often tell us it brings back memories,” said Gordon.

This year the education division were expecting to sell between $1500 to $3000 worth of books. Out of the fifteen years, only twice were they able to keep the money from all the profit they made, every other year they earn their profit in books.

“We donate everything to many different places. It’s a lot of fun, we enjoy setting it up, it’s not only a fundraiser, although we don’t really make money from it, we see it as a community service project,” said Gordon.

This year they decided to send books to a former alum, who is now teaching at a school in the inner city of Saint Louis. They will also be donating books to a child care center, called head start which is located here in Marshall.

“One year we had a student teaching, she had a little boy in her class who had at tumor, they were having an auction for him, so we donate books to help him and his family,” said Gordon.

They donate anywhere people or teachers need extra help , such as to the Viking Learning Academy and the Butterfield Youth Services Child and Family Therapy Center. The Education Division also goes beyond helping the marshall community, in the past they have sent books to places like Chicago and even to Kosovo.

“One time, we had a student teaching in a school were part of the school burned, so we donated books there,” said Gordon.

In addition to helping children, it’s also a great learning experience for students majoring in education. For those who will more likely be in charge of a book fair, it gives them a great opportunity on how to learn how to run and set it up.


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