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By Dakota Cantwell

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Missouri Valley College and with that comes the yearly MoVal Christmas card.

“So, in years past past we’ve mailed out just a traditional paper Christmas card,” said Danielle Durham, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, “and, so, then four years ago we decided video content is popular, let’s do something fun.”

The content of the video card always reflects what the popular trends are. This year, the Christmas card will pull from television.

“The Late Late Show on CBS has made popular Carpool Karaoke,” Durham said. “So we thought, let’s do a Missouri Valley College version.”

Carpool Karaoke is a segment with The Late Late Show’s host James Corden. Corden rides around with musical artist and interviews them while they both sing along with the artist’s popular songs.

Durham found that while the artists on the show know their songs well, some of the MoVal students are not as familiar with Christmas music.

“So we picked an easy song,” she said. “I thought Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer was an easy song, but a lot of people didn’t really know all of the words.”

Approximately 13 different groups took part in this years Christmas card.

“What we did was we had various groups volunteer to represent their organizations, their team, their class, their major and come and sing,” Durham said.

President Humphrey was happy to hear about the idea and even offered her own vehicle for the filming.

“We just made sure that it was an adult staff member that was driving and we kept them close to campus,” Durham added.

The video card will be sent out to alumni and friends of MoVal in December as well as shared to their media sources. The video will feature the talents of various groups on campus, including the Rodeo team’s practice goat.

“We had a really good mix of groups,” Durham said, “so we’re excited.”


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