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By Laura Bustos Martinez

MVC entire network and online services went down during Christmas break

The management module (a component of the Missouri Valley College core switch) failed on January 4, at approximately 2 p.m. The module controls the configuration for the switch, as well as all internal and external connections. This resulted in the entire network going down. All connections for all users were severed during this time.

“In an effort to restore services as quickly as possible,” Systems Administrator Jason Rinne said, “the identical part was taken from the switch in Collins Science Center.”

“After the part was installed the configuration for the core switch had to be restored from a backup,” he added.

The majority of the mission critical services were restored by around 4 p.m. and the remainder restored by 8 p.m.

MVC hardware vendor overnight shipped a replacement part that was received on Friday and was used in Collins to bring all systems online.

“The reality of hardware is that anything can go down at any time,” Rinne said.

“Our goal is to have proper backups and spare hardware to restore service as soon as possible in the event that something does go down,” he added.

Donna Lamb, Business Office Assistant, as well as her co-worker were affected by the entire fall of the network.

“All of our work and information is on the computer and of course,” Lamb said, “on the phone.”

“This is our busy time getting ready for the Spring Semester and with the parents for Payment Plans or making the payments,” she said. “With no phones or computers we are ‘shut down’.”

“There were some unhappy parents because they could not reach us and they pass that frustration on to the student,” Lamb added.

MVC online services went down a week before the network because of an error in a regular update procedure.

“Errors like the one we encountered are fairly uncommon,” Applications Administrator Omar Al Refae said.

Services that were down included the College Faculty online portal, as well as the Online Registration web page that students use to register for classes online.

Service was down for approximately 9 hours, “we worked with our online services vendor (EDC Technology) to resolve the issue in a timely fashion,” Al Refae said.

“We believe that it is highly unlikely that it would happen again,” he added, “but if it does, it is always our priority to restore service as soon as possible to our students, staff and faculty.”


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