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By Dakota Cantwell

The Public Safety office has received an increased number of reports of stolen property.

“Mostly cash is being stolen due to students not locking their doors,” Brian Ferguson, Director of Public Safety, said. “There have been incidents of shoes, clothes, and other personal property being taken.”

Ferguson explained the procedure for investigating these crimes.

“We interview the victim to gather information on the items taken, possible people that may have showed an interest in the item. We also go into the area the items were taken from to see if there is any possible additional information to assist us in recovering the items.”

An email from the Public Safety office urged students to take measures to protect themselves from these thefts.

Methods of doing so include ensuring room doors are locked, securing valuable items in lockboxes or safes and placing bags in secure locations, such as rooms or vehicles, before participating in activities.

Contact the Public Safety office at 660-815-0111 with any questions or concerns.


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