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By Laura Bustos Martinez

Missouri Valley College is working on a new plan for the school, an ongoing process used to achieve its overall mission.

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is to develop and implement the Missouri Valley College 2017-2022 Strategic Plan. Throughout the fall semester, the Strategic Plan Committee involved the campus community in gathering data for the plan. This was accomplished through seven open forums and the completion of surveys by 357 students and 120 faculty and staff. This data is being used to establish goals and objectives for the strategic plan.

Dr. Tiffany Nolan, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, is in charge of the Strategic Planning Committee and said the data was provided to the strategic plan committee to utilize when developing the objectives for the plan.

“Using the data gathered through the surveys, open forums, and the experiences of those on the committee, objectives will be developed that will support the success of each goal,” she added.

There are a total of five draft over-arching goals. The academic culture and expansion committee aims to build an academic culture that values academic excellence and supports and challenges students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The enrollment growth and stabilization committee goal is to develop systematic recruitment and retention initiatives that lead to sustainable enrollment growth, retention, and student success. The campus life / the MVC experience aims to cultivate a sense of belonging among faculty, staff, and students through services and experiences that are relevant, community-driven, transparent and responsive to the needs of the MVC community. The financial strength and sustainability committee goal is to maintain a business model that ensures the College’s continued strength and educational excellence. And the physical space committee aspire to maintain physical space and technology infrastructure to support students’ and employees’ diverse and changing needs.

“The students indicated that updated residence hall facilities were their main priority along with other updates across campus,” Nolan said. “Additionally, students indicated that they would support more on-campus activities.”

“The committee went into this process with an open mind,” she said.

“While we may have had some ideas on what we would hear through the survey, we tried not to place too much expectation on any specific outcome, so as not to bias the data,” Nolan added.

The Strategic Planning Committee will host an open meeting in February to further update you on the status of the Strategic Plan.


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