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By Dakota Cantwell

Missouri Valley College’s Ezekiel’s Wheels program received and distributed a donation of refurbished bikes on February 14.  

Reverend Pam Sebastian runs the program and credits Oscar Tshibanda, a member of the board of trustees and an alumni from here at MoVal, for the recent donation of bikes.

“He said the biggest changes happen in these little moments,” Sebastian said.

It was last year that Sebastian spoke with Tshibanda about Ezekiel’s Wheels.  Tshibanda told Sebastian that he knew about a business that sold and reconditioned bikes, RevolveKC.  He then asked Sebastian how many bikes she needed.

“I said, oh, 50. He said I could do that” Sebastian said. “Then I said may I revise my number.”

Tshibanda said that they would start with 50 and go from there.

IMG_2234He paid approximately $20 for the bikes received as is and approximately $35 for the bikes that were in need of new tires.

Ezekiel’s Wheels is a 6-year-old program created by Sebastian.

“The idea bubbled to the top about 6 years ago,” she said, “and it got no traction from anybody but me because they thought it was silly.”

The biggest issue for those concerned with the project was that they felt it would run too much like a business and be difficult to maintain.

“I said it isn’t like a rental service.  It isn’t like a library” Sebastian said.  “They’re not going to check them out and bring them back.  They get the bike for as long as they need it. I want this to stay kind of simple.”

Six years later and Sebastian continues to keep the program as simple as she can.

Those interested in receiving a bike for daily commuting needs can contact Sebastian for more information.


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