Lahren, other alt-right speakers host Snowflake Awards: What does it mean though?Opinion



By Dakota Cantwell

Snowflake is the term of the century according to many of the alt right speakers.  More specifically the Blaze has taken to the term with their usual fervor that puts the “Islamic Extremists” that they war against to shame.  

Tomi Lahren, along with other members of the Blaze, decided to hold what they called the Snowflake Awards.  Honoring the people who have been so offended by Trump that they at the Blaze are offended by the offense taken.  

Confused, I was too.  So I decided to look into what exactly the term snowflake meant.  I knew it was derogatory, but those who use the term are always playing it’s meaning close to the chest.

According to Urban Dictionary (yes, that’s how poor of an insult it is) a snowflake is “An insult, used to mean that a person is too easily insulted or is too sensitive to the opinions.”

Now Tomi has done her best to assure people that this insult is not synonymous for liberal, but just the liberals who take their being offended too far.

This term has become so used that those who came into adulthood around 2010 are now being referred to as the “Snowflake Generation.”

The part that can’t even be referred to as ironic, but rather purely moronic, is the fact that Tomi is so busy making fun of the snowflakes that she doesn’t seem to realize that she is worshiping at the altar of the head snowflake.

If the definition of a snowflake is a person who is easily offended then Donald Trump is probably the leading snowflake, who is honestly probably sad that he didn’t even get mentioned during the award show.

The saddest part of this whole situation is the abuse and disgrace to come upon a great book and movie, “Fight Club.”  Chuck Palahniuk’s ground breaking novel discussing the issues that mainstream life puts on individuals is being used as an insult by the people that are telling protesters to pack up and get a “real” job.

Side note, in researching this article I managed to catch Lahren’s commercial about Super Beets.  Looks like she does better pretending to be a journalist than she does pretending to enjoy random products for the Blaze.


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