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By Laura Bustos Martinez


Missouri Valley College faced a 30-minute loss of electric power on February 23 around 4 p.m.

Tim Schulte, director of maintenance, send out an email to MVC students, faculty and staff presenting the problem.

“The city utility company knows the power is out,” Schulte said in the email. “They are working to correct the issue. Thanks for your patience.”

The power outage affected different parts of the campus community, as well as the MVC computer system.

“If a system loses power abruptly, it could damage hardware or the configuration of that system,” systems Administrator Jason Rinne said.

“All of our mission critical systems are on battery backup units to protect them and to allow for the IT staff to properly shut them down,” he added. “These battery backups are designed to keep the systems running for around an hour.”

KMVC-FM, the Missouri Valley College radio station, could not work for hours.

Ken Kujawa, general manager of KMVC-FM, said “as the electricity went off, the radio station went off too. When it later came back, the control doesn’t come back by itself, so the radio station went off for a few hours.”

The dining hall was going to open their doors to the students when the power outage occurred.

David Martinez, dining hall employee, was working while the loss of electric power stopped every machine in the dining hall.

“We opened the dining hall ten minutes late,” he said. “We covered dishes and silverware, and putted plastic dishes and silverware instead, as the dish room could not work either.”

“The pizza oven or the Mongolian grill were not prepared to serve food on time and the service started slow,” Martinez added.

The Murrell Library, where faculty, staff and students have access to Wi-Fi, computers and online resources also were affected by the power outage.

Joanna Scott, a Murrel Library work study, saw how the students were shocked while the event occurred.

“We should have had those safety lights,” she said, “and I didn’t see any if there were any.”

“Everybody was like Oh, my God is dark,” Scott added, “and yes, it was really too dark. I heard somebody yell because they didn’t know if their work was going to be saved.”


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