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By Dakota Cantwell

Beginning next semester, Missouri Valley College will now have a debate club.

The drive for this endeavor is being lead by Professor Susan Dittmer and club president Rocco Scarcello.

“In the process of doing my five year plans, the one thing that I would like to leave Missouri Valley College is a debate club and hopefully, eventually, a debate team” Dittmer said.

Scarcello added that “Professor Dittmer has had this idea for a long time, in which she would be able to bring debate to campus.” Scarcello said. “Ultimately it all starts with Professor Dittmer and her idea.”

Scarcello said that he thinks that the debate club will be a good addition to the campus activities.

“We have a really competitive campus as a whole. Between the different athletes and everything else, it just really would be a perfect fit.”

The night before the election Rocco and his speech class held an informal debate event over the candidates.

“We really started it last semester with one of my classes. We did, before the ballot.  We kind of had a debate, debate the trump and the clinton,” Dittmer said.

The event also allowed for the audience to ask questions to the debaters after it.

“People came to it and they didn’t look super excited at first.” Scarcello said, “but once they we started talking, once they started seeing what we were doing, they actually started getting into it.”

The debate club at the moment has five active members, with other students who have also shown interest in it.  The team holds its meetings when the students are all available to meet.

“I think the ultimate goal of this is to really bring debate to the campus and like show that there is a way to be competitive and academic,” Scarcello said.

The club eventually would like to bring other schools debate teams to campus, but at the moment is focused on building itself up.

The club has its first event planned scheduled for April 17 where the debate club will be discussing the political divide of the country.

“I believe that that’s really why we chose that topic because we just really feel that it’s something that we need to speak about and bring to the public,” Dittmer said.  

Those interested in the debate club should contact Professor Dittemer or Rocco Scarcello for more information.



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