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singing bee

singing bee

By Laura Bustos Martinez

The Missouri Valley College Alumni Association sponsored “The Singing Bee” on March 23, held at the Eckilson-Mabee Theater.

“The Singing Bee” is a karaoke game show. The contestants don’t have to sing well. They just have to sing right.

The six contestants tried to remember the lyrics to popular songs, such as “Hello” by Adele, “Come On Over” by Shania Twain, or “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

The first category was “pick six”. Contestants had the year, the artist and the name of the song. Whenever the music stopped, they had to sing the next phrase correctly.

The second category was the “random shuffle”. As the song played, words popped up on the screen in a random order. When the music stopped, contestants had to unscramble the words and sing it in the correct order.

“Singing with the enemy”, the third category, consisted of splitting contestants into pairs, where they took turns going back and forth every time the music stopped. This was the last chance for four of the contestant to stay in the game and advance into the final four.

The final round of the night was the “chorus showdown”. When the music stopped, contestants had to sing the entire chorus of the song correctly.

The winner of “The Singing Bee” was Rileigh Grunden.  

“It was really awesome,” Grunden said. “I had fun.”

Grunden knows a lot of songs and remembers the lyrics perfectly.

“My mom listened to a lot of stuff and, for some reason, I can remember it easier than anything else,” Grunden said.

Grunden received a $200 Amazon gift card.


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