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By Danielle Linton

The Division of Fine Arts is presenting an new show by seniors Kasey Milton and Jordan Galey, Associate Professor of Dance Janie Morgan and Jo Byrnes, guest artist.

Unlike the dance committee’s regular Repertory Dance Ensembles that they hold every Spring, the performers titled the show “Past, Present, Future.”

Janie Morgan enthusiastically elaborated on the concept. “The reason for the title is we have our current students, who are the present, performing,” Janie Morgan said. “We have a couple pieces of high school students being performed in our piece, that are choreographed by Kasey Milton, so they are the future. Then we  have a whole lot, I think about 10 alumni coming back to perform in the concert to represent the past dancers at Valley.”

Generally, the dance committee rarely gives their spring Repertory Dance show a specific title, but they have done it before.

“Sometimes it’s just called the Annual Repertory Dance Ensemble Spring concert,” Morgan said. “Every now and then we give it an actual title.”

Morgan hopes that this particular show will intrigue people and influence them to come witness the magic happening on the stage. Some of these choreographed pieces have a deep meaning that heavily revolve around self love and bullying.

Although that is not what the entire show is based on, the rest of the choreographed pieces are attempting to cause the audience to feel a sense of amazement and awe through the passage of memory and time. However, Morgan and the other choreographers made sure that the show would not be too complicated for people to comprehend.

“Most of the work is kind of light-hearted,” Morgan said. “We have a variety of styles. If it’s a more light show people can sit back and enjoy themselves and don’t have to think hard about their art. Overall, it’s just right to expose people to a variety of dance. There’s tap in it, there’s jazz, there’s modern. I think that’s all the styles we have this year.”

“There’s a variety of pieces that more pure entertainment,” Morgan continued, “and ones that are more abstract and cause you to think a little harder. The purpose is expose people to dance in its many forms.”

If any students, faculty, or town locals are interesting in attending “Past, Present, Future” the concert will be presented February 15-17 at 7:30 p.m. nightly in the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre on the MVC campus.

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