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By Bobby Collins III

Missouri Valley College Public Safety have recently purchased body cams to be used by campus safety officials. The body cams have became a standard practice for many officers not only in the Marshall area but also all across the United States

Brian Ferguson, director of public safety, explained the process in which the safety officers obtained the cameras.

Ferguson said that public safety had wanted to get the body cameras for a few years and recently received them this year in order to not only help with the safety of the officers involved but also for the circumstances they are called to respond.

After a discussion with Heath Morgan who is the head of student affairs authorized the purchase of the body cams. Officers had to go through a training process that included everything that the cameras should be used for and how to upload the information.   

Ferguson explained that the cameras are in standby mode until campus security is called at which time in response they will decide to activate the cameras. The cameras has a lens that sees up to 140 degree left to right. The cameras even includes audio as well as a night vision function.

Once the officers have finished their shift any footage captured on the camera is downloaded to a computer that the director of public safety will use and save the video. The officers have began using the cameras around campus.

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