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  • Mike Norris, Pat Kiely, Adam Higgins and David Sill pause in front of the camera after provoking "water leaks" in the Eckilson-Mabee Theater!

    Mission IMPROVable accomplished!Entertainment, Viking Shows

      Daft-Punk, Techno-Funky music plays in the background, setting an energetic mood while my front row neighbor texted. “I am in the theater.” Five seconds later, her blackberry vibrates. “What’s up over there?” “Some dudes, comedians I guess, supposed to b funny…” “Is it?” “Idk yet lol.” “lol ok…I’m comin tho.” These dudes, also known […]

  • michelle-williams-in-my-week-with-marilyn-poster

    Review: ‘My Week with Marilyn’Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Opinion

      Directed by Simon Curtis. Starring Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne. Synopsis The mesmerizing Marilyn Monroe finally accepts to play in a movie-shoot in a small town somewhere in England. Colin Clark, a 23-year-old student determined to make it in the movie industry, is employed as an assistant by one of the star of the […]

  • Disneys-A-Christmas-Carol scene

    Review: ‘A Christmas Carol’Entertainment, Movie Reviews

        “Disney’s A Christmas Carol,” composed and produced by Robert Zemeckis, is a wonderful piece of burnished seasonal entertainment that utilizes the latest technology of 3-D projection to transmit a huge, powerful and occasionally scary edition of the Charles Dickens story on which the story is predicated. The casting of Jim Carrey as Ebenezer […]

  • The book "Indian Summer" is available through online bookstores.

    Book profiles first Native American in baseballEntertainment, Reviews

    Book review by Tony Barrow Book: Indian Summer Subtitle: The Forgotten Story of Louis Sockalexis, the First Native American in Major League Baseball Author: Brian McDonald    Being a baseball player and a fan of baseball stories from our past, I found the book “Indian Summer” to hit a home run in many ways.    […]

  • Yogi Berra's book.

    Yogi advises about life, baseballEntertainment, Reviews

    Book Review by Tony Barrow When reading the book “What Time Is It? You Mean Now?” by Yogi Berra with Dave Kaplan, I went in with the assumption that the entire thing was going to be a joke an it was going to be a “light” read. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was […]