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    Mel Corlija challenges readers with ‘Mental Math’College Life, Featured

    It was around 2 a.m. when Mel Corlija woke up. He had an idea. The idea of something good that people can utilize. “Mental Math” was born. But Corlija is not a Math professor. Actually he earned a bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine technology. He did research work for the government and, when the grant for […]

  • Tycorey Davison and Kloee Shipp portray a couple who adopt a dog in "Sylvia." (Photos by David Roberts)

    ‘Sylvia’ play provides great performancesEntertainment, Featured, Opinion, Uncategorized

    “Sylvia” is a comedy that speaks to you. One of the biggest human afflictions is loneliness. To feel empty. For some people, the solution is in the bottle of whiskey. For others, it is in textbooks, computers, work. But Greg found Sylvia, a female dog in a New York city park. He brought the dog home […]

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    Valley musicians jam in the METCampus Events, College Life

    Ramone Hall, Shaun Armbruster, Nick Aragon, Joe Graham, Tierra “Symone” Williams, and Jeremiah “J-Furi” Clark were some of the artists on stage last Sunday. The audience, a small crowd of more than 20 people, lightly stomp their feet in rhythm Sunday night in the Morris Experimental Theater. Nick is on stage playing the harmonica, guitar […]

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    Remember 9/11Opinion

    Two planes crash, twins got killed.  The world stares at a huge murder. My sister, then in high school, whispers a couple of elongated “no’s”.  The United States of America was just slapped in the face with a white glove by some nobody-knew-Third-world rebels. According to her, nothing more than a simple back-fire of the […]

  • Russell Owens sketching the blurr and the light of Owen painting. (Photo by Paulene-Wendy Ntsame Assoumou)

    Sketching with Margaret OwenCollege Life, Gallery, News

      To step into the new Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art in the MVC Technology building to admire the 100 painting by Margaret Owens feels like walking on the grass, bare-foot during spring. Fresh, energetic, free and warm, the exhibit could be used as Margaret Owen’s self-portrait. From Providence, R.I., she is the first artist […]