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  • Webmaster: Amit Jain
  • Newspaper Class: Jessica Gates, Toray Henry, Andrew Mohler, Jordan Nichols, Leon Emperio, Luka Jevtovic, and Paulene-Wendy Ntsame Assoumou .
  • Basic News Reporting Class: Jeff Alexander, Anthony Barrow, Ashley Boyd, Andrew Bridges, Melissa Bublitz, Scott Charboneau, Jacob Coleman, Lekyndra Duncan, Patricia Freeman, Andrew Gregory, Sasa Devic, Delmeko Jordan, Jordan Nichols, James O’Sullivan, Randy Ritter, and Brittany Stone.
  • Editors Emeritus: Ralitsa Gospodinova and Devon Wade
  • Mass Communication Faculty: David Roberts, Stan Silvey, Harry Carrell, Ken Kujawa, and Loren Gruber.
  • Communications Division Chair: Susan Dittmer.

For information about the print content, photos, or advertising, contact David Roberts. For information about videos, contact Stan Silvey.

This online version of the Delta of Missouri Valley College is a media product of the Mass Communication Department.

The Delta Online  reserves the right to edit or reject any articles or other material submitted. Opinions in the Delta do  not necessarily reflect the views of MVC or the Delta newspaper.

The Delta traditional newspaper and the Delta Online are published by Missouri Valley College, 500 E. College Street, Marshall, MO 65340. The phone number for the Delta is 660-831-4211. The e-mail address for the main faculty adviser is robertsd@moval.edu.


The Delta is a member of the Missouri Collegiate Media Association.


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