• Viking basketball player Ebone Brown

    Tense sports moment: Two inches of embarrassment

    Story by LeKyndra Duncan Viking player Ebone Brown stands on the line shooting two free-throws. Brown receives the ball; some players have a unique free-throw routine from circling the ball around their waist to practicing their follow-through on their shot. Brown’s is simple; she takes a deep breath, dribbles the ball twice with both hands. […]

  • Paulene--Wendy Ntsame Assoumou of Missouri Valley College.

    Student named ‘Delta reporter of year’
    AwardsMass CommNews

      Paulene-Wendy Ntsame Assoumou has been named “Delta reporter of the year,” a new honor based upon dedication, quality, and accomplishment for the Delta newspaper and website. Delta faculty adviser David L. Roberts said Wendy has been outstanding as an enthusiastic, creative, and diligent Delta reporter and writer for both fall 2011 and spring 2012 […]

  • Viking radio commentators

    Voices of Viking sports liven listening fun

    Story by James O’Sullivan Trapped behind the table or up in the booth at every Valley basketball and football game are the two men that do not get enough credit for what they do to make the valley games enjoyable.  Ken Kujawa and Joe Aull are the voices of Missouri Valley College on the Viking […]

  • Brett Holt finishes off the season with the last home win against Grandview University on March 27. (Photo courtesy of Laura Lewis Sports Photography)

    Coaches shared duties for volleyball

    Story by Jessica Gates The head men’s and women’s volleyball coach Derick White left the team this past January. With White, both teams excelled in many ways. Last season, the men and women placed higher in their conference rankings than they ever have in the recent years. With White gone, two graduate assistants, Brett Holt […]

  • Life and work revolving around agriculture is common in Missouri. (Photo by Andrew Bridges)

    Agri-Business degree added

    Story by Andrew Bridges Valley will roll the tractors out and get their hands dirty.  With a 7-1 vote from the Curriculum Committee which is made up of faculty members who represent each division, an Agriculture Business major has been established. Seven new classes will be introduced in the Fall of 2012, starting with an […]