• Mass Communication Student ,camera operator Juliana Doyle

    Live video-streaming takes off
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      The Missouri Valley football team’s home opener against McPherson College became the first sports event in the school’s history to be video-streamed online. The process was spear-headed by the Stan Silvey, an instructor of Mass communication and director of MVC-TV. Prior to the game, Silvey said, “It is a great opportunity for students in […]

  • Applause is given to the students after the Convocation ceremony.

    Convocation honors students
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    Convocation week at Missouri Valley College welcomed freshmen, honored student leaders, and celebrated the opening of the new art gallery. The busy week started on Aug. 30 with a presentation by Margaret Owen, the first artist to display artwork in the new Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art, located in the Technology Center. A ribbon-cutting ceremony, […]

  • Russell Owens sketching the blurr and the light of Owen painting. (Photo by Paulene-Wendy Ntsame Assoumou)

    Sketching with Margaret Owen
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      To step into the new Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art in the MVC Technology building to admire the 100 painting by Margaret Owens feels like walking on the grass, bare-foot during spring. Fresh, energetic, free and warm, the exhibit could be used as Margaret Owen’s self-portrait. From Providence, R.I., she is the first artist […]

  • Dr. Stephen Patton demonstrating the effects of Soft Drinks on body metabolism.

    Need a nap? Drink some pop!
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    You are in that boring class and can’t seem to focus. You look at your phone every minute and think it should be against the federal law to have such a soporific teacher. Without realizing it, you fall asleep and suddenly wake up as the class bursts into laughter. You missed the joke!

  • FSCN0518

    Men’s soccer Vikes forge ahead
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    Ranked 14th nationally, MVC Men’s Soccer commences its 2011-2012 season against Rogers State University at 8p.m. tonight, Sept. 1, at Gregg-Mitchell Field. The preparation for the opening game excites the players with competitive spirits and concentration on the ultimate quest to attain an NAIA championship title. Vladimir Simic, head men’s soccer coach, started yesterday’s practice session with […]