• Travels Into Asia

    The best of the airlines that I traveled throughout the whole trip was Turkish Airlines. Going only a short distance from Istanbul to Izmir and then back, the flights nonetheless were comfortable, with good leg-room, accommodating stewardesses, and a quick, delicious meal. I was pleasantly surprised. Our initial plans were to travel from Izmir by […]

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    The Great City Of Istanbul

      Arriving at the Frankfurt airport, Germany, was a relief, following my knee-wounded flight, though the German security officers proved to be the most stringent and unpleasant of all the airports on the trip. We determined that for future European trips, we’d return to using London as a destination stop beyond the Atlantic Ocean rather […]

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    Robert Louis Stevenson Travels With Me

    Almost always the case, I have read about travelers coming to America with bold dreams and meager resources and always succeeding in attaining the great American dream. Didn’t all of our immigrant ancestors valiantly do it? In the 1896 book “The Amateur Emigrant,” author Robert Louis Stevenson poses a different thesis, one that isn’t heard […]

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    Airplanes And Airports

    Airplanes. Don’t you love them. The fastest way to a destination. But don’t you hate them when you fly economy class and they give you seats with leg space fit for a dachshund. Airports. Don’t you hate them. The crowds, the lines, the waits, the schedule changes, the added expense for one more piece of […]

  • Turkey

    First Blog Post…

    “Merhaba.”    That’s Turkish for “hello.”    My sister-in-law Peggy taught me that  word years ago and now I may actually get to use the greeting when I visit the country of Turkey soon. I am traveling to Turkey with Peggy, my brother Phil (Peggy’s husband), and my brother Steve. Peggy, a professor at American University […]