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Vikings take top spots in rodeo stampede

By Taylor Gilkey The Missouri Valley College men and women’s Rodeo teams won the championship for the Rodeo Stampede Saturday night. There were also five vikings that won in their individual competitions. For the men, Dalton Kingery won the bareback riding competition and the bronc riding event, finishing with a score of 170 for both. […]

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    City Boy in a Rodeo WorldOpinion, Sports

    By Guillermo Amezquita Who would have ever thought a kid from Southern California like me, would ever be at a rodeo? I am a kid who likes to go to the beach that wears board shorts and sneakers and listens to rap music. The closest thing to a rodeo before coming to Missouri Valley College […]

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    Rodeo: A Different Kind of SportNews, Sports

    By Jacy Nelsen A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Most people think of a sport as something that includes a ball, sitting on “your side” of the field or court and chanting teasing things at the opposite teams. Rodeo fits under […]

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    Rodeo students do more than horse aroundFeatured, News, Sports

    By Elisa C. Marques While many college sports provide the required equipment for their participants, MVC rodeo students are required to bring their own horses to the college’s stables in order to compete.  They are expected to take care of their horses on a daily basis, making sure the animals have everything they need to […]

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    Rodeo team adopts mascotFeatured, News

    By Jacy Nelsen Most cows that are used by the rodeo program at Missouri Valley College come and go, moving on to a more permanent home. This fall, head rodeo coach Ken Mason bought a group of cows; however, there was a special cow in this group. He was not like the others. He was […]