The Mueller Report: What we learned from a Democratic point of view

By Sevanny Campos / Delta Managing Editor
Met with as much anticipation as Game of Thrones and the latest Avengers movie, The Mueller report was finally released on April 19. The entire report is 448 pages with redactions. What came out was an extensive look at 45 and his campaign, And while the president claims “total exoneration” it looks to be quite the otherwise.

The entire document is split up into two volumes the first one looking at any significant relations between Trump campaign and Russian official or unofficial agents. The second part of the volume outlines 10 possible instances where the special counsel found possible evidence of obstruction.

While the Attorney General William Barr says that investigation did not establish any sort of coordinated conspiracy with the Russian government in regards to the 2016 election. The same document says otherwise.

The first volume of the report clearly states that the Russian government attempted to aid in the election of the 45 president of the United States. It also shows the campaign was eager to benefit from such help, seeing as the help targeted the opposition, the democrats. Also several advisors to the 2016 republican candidate had ties very closely to Russia.

While the evidence Mueller discovered was not enough to definitively prosecute for conspiracy, it did find troubling interactions since 2015. Collusion is not a legal term is not a federal crime but it is not complete exoneration. It is troubling to find out that members of the president’s campaign wanted to benefit from the interference of Russia.

In the second part of the report, special counsel Robert Mueller outlines 10 possible instances where the president forcibly committed obstruction of justice in hopes of ending the investigation. As mentioned before the president directed White House counsel Don McGahn to dismiss the investigator, which he did not.

When members of his campaign decided to speak out and testify against him the president and his team conducted an almost smear campaign claiming the former members of his campaign were very minor members and reduced their responsibilities to something as insignificant as a volunteer or an errand runner.

Mueller said of Trump’s attempts to derail the investigation “ efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful largely because the person who surrounded the president declined to carryout orders.”

As the document becomes available and more Americans have the chance to read the Mueller report, more people will react to actions of the president.

While the Mueller report did not conclude on criminal charges, it far from exonerated the president.

Through the Mueller investigation we are now aware that he did attempt to stop the investigation and that he looked forward to benefiting from Russia’s involvement in the election.

It is now up to Congress to decide what will happen to the president based on the findings of the report. This is not over and this is not something that Americans can easily move on from. It is the job of Americans to be critical of those in power and to hold them accountable.

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