Maduro’s growing grip on the News

By Sevanny Campos / Delta Managing Editor

One of the most recognized international journalist, was detained along with his Univision production team in Venezuela by its leader Nicolas Maduro.

After being showed footage of starving men chasing a garbage truck for scraps of food, the venezuelan leader, stopped his interview with Jorge Ramos.

The Univision team was completely searched and stripped of recording devices, cell phones and camera.

They were held in this room for over three hour before being told they were expelled from the country.

Ramos and his team were able to return to the United States but all their devices with the exception of Jorge Ramos’ cell phone were left behind in Venezuela.

The committee to protect journalist has condemned these action by Maduro, and called on the venezuelan authorities to return their equipment and footage.

Whether this will happen remains to be seen. The equipment and footage is most likely already destroyed.

According to his New York Times piece detailing the events “Jorge Ramos: The dictator of Venezuela earns his title,” A member of their team, producer, Maria Martinez, notified Univision News of the trouble, and the State Department was notified.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, five journalists died in 2019. On January 23, Venezuelan authorities raided three newsrooms in the southern part of the country according to the CPJ. Footage was deleted and internet access was disrupted.

These are the tactics of a person losing power and losing sense of reality. Maduro is blind to the suffering of his country. Not because he is unaware of it, but because he chooses to ignore it.

With the opposition uniting and protests occurring almost daily.

He is losing rip of his country and he believes that he can change the narrative by controlling and preventing the news and truth about his lack of action.

Like Ramos said, the dictator has truly earned his title.

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