Match Day: a graphic artist Tyler Wollenburg’s senior show

By Jake Berg / Delta Staff Writer

You may not know him personally, but you know his work. Senior Tyler Wollenburg has been doing the game day graphics for the MVC athletic department this past year and has added his own style.

“Working with the athletic department here was a great experience,” Wollenburg said. “I was able to redesign the game day graphics for the school and do some other projects for Andy. I also did some photography work in the fall for football and the soccer teams as well as helping keep stats with Andy. Andy has really worked around my class and sports schedule, sometimes there are some late nights putting together game day graphics, but it was never anything that was too much to handle.”

Wollenburg not only helped the athletic department here at valley but also had multiple internships with professional sports teams.

“Last summer I worked as the graphic design intern for the Chesapeake Bayhawks, a professional lacrosse team” WolIenburg said. “I lived out in Maryland all summer with the help of my parents, I am very grateful for all of their help over the years. During the fall I worked with Sporting Kc and I was really able to learn a lot, they have a larger creative department than most NFL teams. They do everything in house everything from social media graphics to large scale prints and everything in between. It was an amazing experience! It did overlap with practice and working with Andy for work study. It was a challenge to stay on top of everything, but I am glad I took on the challenge.”

According to Professor Matt Rahner, Wollenburg has been an incredibly dedicated student of art and design and has been the ideal student in that he takes direction well, asks questions, understands the history of art, and is also very talented.

“I would say that Tyler excels because he pushes himself and sets goals for himself,” Rahner said. “He also works very well independently, which allows him to flourish outside of the classroom. If younger students can take anything from Tyler, it would be to mi his exceptional work ethic and commitment to be the best designer he can be, which means living, breathing, doing, and always thinking about, design.”

In addition to his success in the classroom and his specific field of study Wollenburg has been shining on the lacrosse field as well, holding the second highest country in face-off win percentage in the country.

“Wollenburg has that drive to get better everyday and will outwork everyone on the field,” Head lacrosse coach Nathan Young said. “He is a perfectionist when it comes to facing off. He wants to win every time and extremely pissed if he doesn’t. But that is his drive and character. We rely on him a lot and he carries the team not cause he is prideful but because that is what he expects everyone else to do as well. He is a quiet leader that leads through actions not words.”

To finish off a successful season and academic career Wollenburg has already landed himself a job following graduation in the graphic design department for a farm hockey team within the New York Islanders organization.

“It definitely relieves a lot of stress and it feels good to have something lined up,” Wolleburg said. “I received a lot more interested than I thought I would, but some fell through due to timing issues. I am happy to be working within the Islanders organization and I’m glad they were willing to wait for me to graduate”

The job requires Wollenburg to relocate to Connecticut but to him location wasn’t an issue, this is his opportunity.

“It will be a great experience moving to a different part of the country and I am really excited to get started,” Wollenburg said.

“I’m looking forward to being able to continue grow as a designer and take on some projects that I haven’t had a chance to before. I am also excited to create a new style for the Sound Tigers heading into the 2019-2020 season.”

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