Player Profile: Dallas Hopping

By Klay DeVault / Delta Staff Writer

Powerlifting is a sport that really shows how much strength one’s body is capable of by pushing it to the limits day in and day out. Dallas Hopping got interested in Powerlifting for this very same reason.

“It requires hard work and a lot of dedication and I love that,” Hopping said. “Coach Edwards helped show me how fun it can be while also betting me everyday.”

Originally from Little Rock, Ak, Hopping came to Missouri Valley College in 2016 to major in Sports Management. He says the reason he decided to come to Missouri Valley was the campus felt like home to him.

“It felt comfortable being around other students and the community as a whole when I visited,” said Hopping.

This season the Powerlifting team competed in several competitions including the Missouri Collegiate Championships in Columbia, Mo last November, where the team finished first overall in their very first competition in program history. Hopping explains how he prepares for a competition.

“We go through cycles of heavy lifting and proper dieting leading up to about two weeks before a meet and towards the end of a cycle it becomes lighter lifting,” Hopping said. “I cut out carbohydrates and high fatty acid foods while also consuming down my portions each meal, but eating more meals a day, about six to seven meals a day.” Hopping added, “During a competition day I eat high protein foods, but I really focus on what I want to accomplish that day and I go out and push my body to do it.”

The Powerlifting team also competed in the Des Moines Classic back in January where Hopping placed first in the 59k junior division, finshing with a total of lifted. The team most recently competed at the USAPL Collegiate Nationals in Columbus, OH on April 11-15. Hopping says having the opportunity to compete and represent Missouri Valley at the Collegiate Nationals was his favorite moment of this year’s Powerlifting season.

“The atmosphere there was so awesome being around so many great athletes and lifters all with the same mindset as I do,” said Hopping.

At the USAPL Collegiate Nationals, The Powerlifting team finished 21st overall, while Hopping finished 14th overall with a personal best on all three of his lifts, squating 152kg, benching 92.5 kg, and deadlifting 195 kg. Hopping finished with a total of 440 kg lifted.

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