Women’s lax finish fourth in KCAC

By Jake Berg / Delta Staff Writer

The Missouri Valley Women’s lacrosse team concluded their season with a loss in the first round of the KCAC conference tournament to No. 2 Benedictine College.

“I personally think we played good! When we played benedictine a few weeks ago we lost by way more and scored way less so it was an improvement,” said goalkeeper Jacie Wilson.

Valley finished their season with a final record of 7-8 and 3-4 in conference.

“Looking back I think it was a major accomplishment to end up .500 in both conference games and overall [during the regular season],” said senior Shaye Jenrich.

According to the Vikings, the 11-4 victory over Missouri Baptist was a huge win, not only for team morale but for revenge as well.

“Beating Missouri Baptist was big because coach Ringo came from them and we really wanted to beat them for her,” said Anderson.

“We all worked and played together as a team,” said Farewell. “From all the practice and previous games we had, that game was the pinnacle of what we could all do. From offense to defense we were on point and on fire. Nothing was getting in our way of a win that game and we all wanted to prove to coach that day that everything she has taught us was being put to use.”

Throughout the season the Vikings had multiple players receive KCAC Offensive and Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Wilson received the KCAC Defensive Player of the Week award twice for her play in the win Over Midland University and her play in the win early in the season to Lindenwood-Belleville University.

Wilson Finished the season with a total of 105 saves with an average of over ten saves per season, leading the KCAC.

Jordan Anderson earned KCAC Offensive Player of the Week for her career high seven goals against Midland University.

Anderson finished the season with 43 goals on 118 shots.

Payge Farewell was KCAC Offensive Player of the Week twice this season, the first was her dominant 10 goal game in the 15-10 win against Lindenwood-Belleville her second was for her nine goals in the win against Bethel College.

Farewell finished the season with 54 goals and a shot percentage of .600.

“Personally I always feel like I could have done better looking back on things so by my senior year I’ll play the best I ever have,” said Farewell.

Farewell was also tied for second for most goals in the KCAC and was a selection for the 2019 All-KCAC Second Team.

For most sports teams the season is full of ups and downs, constant obstacles to overcome and the MVC women’s lacrosse team is no stranger to that.

Due to lack of players at the beginning of the season, Head coach Terra Ringo had to do some on-campus recruiting to fill up the squad.

“It was hard [playing] at first because we basically had to start from scratch working on fundamentals and how to play the game but since they are all great athletes from other sports they caught on really quick and now most of them are killing it on defense,” said Anderson.

Most of the new lacrosse players came from basketball and were devoting their offseason.

Luckily lacrosse and basketball are fairly similar when it comes to offensive and defensive rotations as well as plays, so new players were able to make an impact quickly.

“With the help of the basketball girls who volunteered their time we honestly couldn’t have done it without them,” said Farewell.

Hard losses can also motivate a team to take steps in the right direction and turn a season around.

“Our first two conference games against Saint Ambrose and Ottawa hurt us. We had players that got kicked out of both games,” said Jenrich. “Given the situation we were in, at the beginning of the season with very little players, I think it is a great accomplishment that we ended with a decent record. I am very proud of all of our girls and especially the basketball girls that stepped up and gave effort to learn the sport of lacrosse and make our season successful.”

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