Fine Arts to attend fringe festival

By Erika Moreno / Delta Staff Writer

The Fine Arts Department at Missouri Valley College is planning to attend its first fringe festival.

Professors Harold Hynick and Janie Morgan attended the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this summer and are in the process of planning a trip with students next year. The students won’t be on vacation, however. They will actually be presenting a piece during the event.

The professors are looking at something that explains what it means to be an artist and what is the responsibility of an artist in today’s society. In preparation for the piece, Morgan said the students will be doing a lot of journal writing. The journal writing will consist of students explaining about what it means to be an artist.  

“The students are looking at their rolls as artists and how they respond to the world,” Hynick said.

Morgan said she is very excited for the trip with the students and is hoping that they have fun at this festival. Morgan said she is interested for students to, “see what other people are doing and see where they belong in this world of art.” 

Lakyn Lee is a dancer at Missouri Valley College who is excited about the opportunity to travel to new places.

“I’ve done a lot of other dance experiences,” she said. “I’ve performed in New York and I performed in London so this is like the next step for me.”

Kaylee Hering is in the Flatliners, an improv troupe at Missouri Valley College. 

“While I’m there I hope to see different styles of performance and different levels of experience because every person has something important to say, but the way they go about it can sometimes be more interesting than the message itself,” she said. 

Hering said she is very excited to see the process that they will be going through to get the final product of the devised piece that they are creating.

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