New Phone…Who is this?

Does the new iPhone live up to the hype?

Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Writer

Apple, a company known for its breakthrough technology, may be starting to break its customers down. 

It seems that just about every September Apple releases a new iPhone with changes in features and or looks.  This September, Apple released the new iPhone 11.

Not everyone is excited about the latest model and Apple has received backlash for releasing a new phone on a yearly basis.  With the update on a yearly new phone they also release updates for the software of their older versions of iPhones.

In this generation of wanting to be in the now and up to date in all ways possible; fashion, looks, cars, and technology, Apple has people lining up out of the store, waiting in all types of weather, for the release of a telephone. Apple  continues to search for ways to become innovative and creative. 

According to an article by Tech Radar: “The iPhone 11 is something of a surprise – it brings more advanced technology (namely in the camera capabilities and the processing power under the hood) and yet offers it for less than the iPhone XR cost in 2018. It combines a large 6.1-inch display with a premium-feeling body, and comes in an array of colors too.” 

Apple has also turned heads with the new price.  The new iPhone 11 are $699, while the iPhone X and XR when released price varied, due to the amount of GB that come with the phone, anywhere between $750 to $999.  

Many iPhone users have struggled to find too many differences in the new iPhone compared to  the iPhone X and XR and some tired of buying the same phones over and over again. 

Apple users are also tired of the constant updates that are breaking or causing their phones to bug. 

A group of Missouri Valley College students including Mariah Bates and Heaven Davis recently traveled to the local Verizon Wireless to take a look into the iPhone. 

“The iPhone 11 does not have much differences in looks besides the colors of the phone, but that does not mean anything for those who use phone cases,” Bates said. “But the camera quality keeps improving and to some people that is worth buying a new phone.” 

Davis, as it turns out, is one of those students and she purchased the iPhone 11.

“The camera quality is just worth it for me and so much more,” she said. “The camera is just amazing. But to me that is not the best change to the iPhone 11. For me, I love the fact that I have so much more storage.  My old phone held 64 GB of storage, the new iPhone 128 GB.”

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