Making Homecoming Home for Everyone

By Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Writer

Each year the faculty and staff at Missouri Valley College put together Homecoming week to welcome back alumni. 

This year the Student Affairs and Alumni Relations departments have worked closely and jointly to plan the 2019-2020 Homecoming week and weekend.  Preparation and planning for some schools start as early right after the prior year’s homecoming year weekend. 

“Planning homecoming is everyone,” Diane Yadrich director of activities said. “It’s not just our office that is involved in the planning and preparations it’s the whole valley campus.  It’s everyone from maintenance, to grounds, to president’s office, and even students, we have students helping us as well.”

The Homecoming festivities are enjoyed by students, friends, family, faculty and alumni.  The alumni department has worked in partner with alumni from several different classes to create and put together the schedule for the events for the upcoming homecoming weekend.  

“Homecoming means to me just coming together as a whole…celebrating all the different traditions.” Yadrich said. “Being an alumni myself means all of our old friends back to our old stomping grounds.” 

Both the student affairs and the alumni relations departments say they would both like to give a huge thanks to everyone who had a helping in in preparation for this special weekend.  

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