Top 5 Greatest Football Movies

By Vonte Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

Fall is football season and what better way to spend time between games than watching a movie about the game? There are dozens of movies about football, but these five stand above the rest.

5.  Gridiron Gang- This movie shows that even troublesome teenagers that are in a juvenile facility can build a bond through football. There was a good plot in the movie, followed with a tremendous ending. 

4. The Blindside- I say this movie is number four, because it sent a powerful message about how someone can come from nothing and succeed with the help of someone that cares for them.

3. The Waterboy- This movie makes number three on the list, because of the humor it displays and was the making of the most iconic middle linebacker of all time, Bobby Boucher.

2. Remember The Titans- Most definitely impacted the lives of different races that played football.  The fact it showed two races that hated each other come together as one to be the best football team they could.

1. Friday Night Lights- This makes number one on the list, because it showed that one person is not bigger than the team, and to make it far in the season they must hold each other accountable.  The movie itself showed that as players they believed in hard work and even though they fell short in the end they had no regrets.

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