Valley collecting donations for hurricane victims

By Erika Moreno / Delta Staff Writer

The Missouri Valley College community is coming together to show its support of the people of the Bahamas who suffered losses as a result of Hurricane Dorian on September 1.

Valley student Lauryn Daxon from Nassau, Bahamas said after she started seeing how much of an impact Dorian had on the Bahamas she immediately decided to take action. The day after the hurricane happened she went to Dr. Claire Schmidt’s office to ask if the Honors Program would sponsor a drive to raise money and supplies to help her country rebuild itself after the devastation and destruction. Schmidt agreed, saying she thinks people have a responsibility to share what they have with those in need.

“We are asking for donations of supplies and money,” Schmidt said. “Particularly needed supplies include non-perishable food, toiletries, air mattresses, sleeping bags, camping stoves, diapers and wipes and baby formula.” 

Daxon contacted various people that work for MoVal in order to help her country with getting donations.

“After emailing a few professors regarding my concern and desire to help, I then told other students about it and we agreed on creating a team that would spread the initiative that would then create more publicity,” Daxon said. 

She has received help from many students at Missouri Valley College. Daxon also said that the project has also received help from members of the community, faculty, and staff. Daxon is appreciative and grateful for everything.

Daxon also met with International Student Coordinator Thomas Merlot to create catchy slogans for the campaign. Later on that day, she spoke with Director of Activities Diane Yadrich and came up with #ValleyforBahamas for students to use.

“The slogan allows people to see which institution is sending the items and the purpose simultaneously, which is to help affected Bahamians,” Daxon said.

The Honors Program will be sending the items on October 20 via plane and boat. Everything should be arriving to the Bahamas mid November.

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