Blosser gets haunted for Halloween

By Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Editor

It was spooky season as pumpkins were carved, costumes were worn, horror films were watched, and treats were passed out, and to conclude the spooky spirits, Missouri Valley College hosted its annual Haunted House.

The third annual Haunted House event took place for the MoVal students to get into the spooky spirit.  The Haunted House was hosted a the Blosser domotory where the student success center worked with students  from the blosser building.

The Blosser dorms are dorms that are located away from the main campus of Missouri Valley College.  The building is used as mens housing for some students who need to be placed a little further away from campus to help and encourage them to focus on their studies and help them focus.  

Blosser students can often feel like being away from campus, that they are missing out on events.  The Haunted House is put together and helps them feel welcomed and more involved with campus activities than ever.   The event was entirely performed by the Missouri valley college students the Blosser students have been the main ones helping put it together. 

“I have had a little bit of outside help from other students but mainly its made up of Blosser boys put it all together,” said Blosser Director and Student Success Advisor Grabriela Morales. “They will actually be in the haunted house and be the ones scaring people and everyone that comes through. They are very excited to scare people.” 

Jaamel Smith a participate of the Haunted House said a lot of hard work went into the design of the haunted house.

“We have been doing a lot of planning…decorating…and stuff for the haunted houses so we are really excited for everyone to come out and have a good time,” Smith said. “Creating the atmosphere and creating spooky was fun and getting all of the costumes was just all my favorite part of the Haunted House.”

The Student Success advisers deemed the event a success based off of feedback and of course the loud screams.  Morales said that as long as she is here is at Valley so will the Haunted House.  

Many students who attended the event said the event was fun and it was interesting to see how they changed blosser into a fun spooky place for the night.  

Isaiah Clark, a member of the Blosser dorm, said It was fun scaring people and fun to get other from Blosser involved working together. 

“I think we got the job done and was overall a success,” Clark said, adding that he hopes to be apart of the event for years to come.  

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