Lady Vikings intend on improving season

By Lavonte’ Perdue/Delta Staff Writer

The Lady Viking’s current record is sitting at 1-3, since their recent loss to Clarke University.  There’s much to be done in order for the Vikings to turn things around before they get deep in the season. 

Both assistant coaches, Veronika Petkova and Kirsten Larson, believe there is potential but the team has much to do. 

“Our communication needs improvement, and the defense could be better,” said Larson.

The poor communication could have something to do with recent Vikings and new Vikings playing on the same team for the first time and they’re still trying to get in the groove of playing with each other. 

Petkova has expectations for the team and strongly believes they can reach them. Petkova said she wants the team “to do better than last year, but it’s a long season so anything can happen.”

New addition to the Lady Vikings, Mikayla Homola has been a strong scorer for the team lately. Homola feels that the team has their ups and downs, but that they’ll figure things out.

“The chemistry could improve, along with ball movement to set up our offense, and pushing each other instead of having our problems,” she said.

As of now it is still early in the season, so the Lady Vikings still have time to fix their problems on the hardwood and have a better season than their previous one.

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