Missouri Representative helps Valley students who wish to be educators

Chardonnae Parker/Delta News Editor

Missouri valley has had its fair share of big name individuals pass through and give its students a little words of wisdom. Former Missouri State Representative, and current mayor of Lexington, Joe Aull is the most recent.

Alpha Lambda Delta hosted an open forum with Aull to discuss the importance of educators and their roles. Aull was introduced by a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and got right into the conversation with the students of education and educators.

“We talked about trends in school, talked about the qualities of a good teacher, we talked about why you would want to be a teacher some of the social and political issues it takes and we deal with in education today,” Aull said, adding that he shared stories of his experiences and how they might help other students in the future.

The event was open to, but not limited to, students who are considering a teaching career as well as the members if Alpha Lambda Delta. During the forum, Aull gave tips told stories and opened the floor for questions and statements concerning the student’s futures.

“It’s good to have events like this to bring awareness to certain topics that you won’t really get anywhere else and bring guest speakers from different parts of Missouri to talk about their experiences and how we can relate to those types of experiences,” Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President Sarah Spiers said.

“The class, I thought, did a very good job,” Aull said. “They had a lot of questions, a lot of interaction back, and forward, everybody spoke up had some very good questions. It sounds like and look to me like this group was a very serious dedicated group and see where a lot of these young people are going to make outstanding teachers.”

Aull was enthusiastic and passionate about the topic of education. Alpha Lambda Delta president Courtlin Sanders described aull as passionate, uplifting, and inspiring.

Aull said Missouri Valley College students, faculty, and staff will always a place in his heart and he will always make time for it and anything anyone needs. Doing stuff life this always is more than giving back to the community.

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