MVC Fine Arts prepping for Christmas

By Austin Manley/Special to The Delta

A new holiday themed production is underway from the MVC Fine Arts Division for a December showcase.

The MVC Division of Fine Arts is performing a special version of “A Christmas Carol” on campus at 7:30 p.m. December 5 through 7 in the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre. 

Harold Hynick, who is heavily involved with the production of the play, said it has some characteristics that makes it unique.  While there is a Christmas production every year, this one stands out from previous productions as there was a new script written specifically for the production.

This allows for the script to be more tailored for the actors strengths to be more displayed come presentation, Hynick said. Having the new script meant that rehearsals had to start earlier than in previous years. Hynik said this year students began rehearsals on October.

Alex Schafer, and actress in the production, said audiences will notice key differences between this production of “A Christmas Carol” and other versions they may have seen in the past.

“Since it’s a radio show version of the Christmas Carol, it definitely has a different feeling and comedy than the movie,” she said.

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