Students are drowning In debt

By Lavonte’ Perdue/Delta Staff Writer

Student debt is one of the biggest issues that college students face when they’re done with school or when they’re trying to come back for another semester.

Once a student graduates their main purpose is to find work, so they can pay off the loans they had to take out in order to pay their tuition. Some students can’t afford their first semester, so in order to start the second semester students must have their first semester paid off. 

That already put students in a tough spot if they’re not financially stable with scholarships, or financial aid to help them out. What makes debt worse for students is the fact that interest rate makes the loan more than it truly is.

Failure to pay back loans in a timely manner can result in damage of credit, and constant phone calls from collectors. Collectors won’t stop calling until they get in contact with the student that owes the university.

If a student intends on transferring to another school it is a must that their debt at their current school is paid off before they can get their transcripts sent over. Debt itself limits some people chances to enjoy their lives after graduation, because paying off the debt is a part of their priorities now. 

Just the thought of student debt can stress someone out entirely, because some people don’t know what to do when it’s a large sum that they have to pay back. Many want to use their earnings to buy personal items, or save to go on a vacation later on in life, not having to pay back an amount once they’re done with college.

The best thing to do is to have a college savings before attending school, because by doing so it won’t put them in such a hole.

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