Students seek majors to prepare them for life

By Erika Moreno/Delta Staff Writer

With over 30 majors to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Missouri Valley College. Marshall might be just a small town for most people, but for others it teaches them everything about life and how to juggle work, social life, and extracurricular activities. 

A major in Social Studies Secondary Education, Sara Spiers is looking forward to her life outside of college. Spiers is scheduled to graduate in the spring semester of 2021. 

She sometimes feels that some teachers have given great advice on what the next step might be after graduation. Spiers is so happy that her teachers are always willing to help with any issue or problem that she may have. She finds that if she is has a good stable relationship with them, they tend to respond better to her questions and feedback.

There are a few things she would like to see changed, however.

“Since I am going to be a teacher and I want to teach back home in my home state of California, I would like that the Missouri Content tests were not required to take since I will not be needing those tests, as I need California’s content tests,” Spiers said. “It would save me a lot of money and time.”

Lauryn Daxon is majoring in Biology with a Pre-Med concentration. She is also a Chemistry minor. She will also be graduating in May 2021. Daxon said she believes her professors are preparing her for the real world.

“They have taught me the power of never giving up,” Daxon said. “That is resilience and persistence creates success and that drive and tenacity makes the journey even more enjoyable.”

Daxon is constantly being taught things including to never be afraid to ask questions and to always to get clarity on material that she may not understand. 

“When I need assistance my professors are readily available,” Daxon said. “They encourage me to go to office hours and ask questions whether it’s pertaining to my major or to anything they would have taught. They create an open atmosphere where the tranquility and friendly environment that makes learning possible. The environment created allows one to become more vulnerable to the subject matter. Enabling one to ask more questions and dive deeper into the material.”

If there’s one thing she would change, it is that she would require fewer internship hours. 

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